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About Us

COMPASS INDIA INC. is an INBOUND TOUR COMPANY dedicated to creating personal travel experiences that go beyond the basic sightseeing tours. Each itinerary has a special focus and most of our local guides are employed with us. All of them are also college educated and experts in the field of focus or region. At Compass India Inc., we believe visiting the Indian subcontinent is about more than just going on vacation - it’s about having an unforgettable experience. Our private tours are carefully planned and custom-tailored to meet your needs so your trip is everything you imagined and much more.

When you explore India with us, every aspect of your trip is guaranteed to meet the highest standard in personal luxury. Our tours appeal to the most discerning traveler, offering you the convenience and comfort to experience the subcontinent in all her richness and rugged beauty. In creating our tours, we combine detailed first-hand knowledge of the regions with access to a personal network of tourism industry contacts. An insider's take on the foreign lands ensures you the finest and most well coordinated trip imaginable. Whether you are making your first trip to the subcontinent or returning eager for new discoveries, we help provide the RIGHT TOUR for you.

Everything was excellent: the driver (Mr. Balbir – a very special person), the car, the hotel, the guides, the monuments, the tiger ...
We have no words to express our gratitude.

Speaking about the guides, we believe that the persons we met were extremely hospitable and extremely prepared about their area.

They spoke with us out their lives, which are completely different than in Italy.. They talked to us about their religion, their caste, their marriages, and much, much more.

The contact with the local persons is one of the best images we have from India.
(Carlo & Elena, Lecco, Italy)

Once you select and finalize an itinerary, we will work with you to ensure that your specific travel needs are met. We also offer customized private travel for all age and interest groups.
Our love of travel, our interest in exploring other cultures, and our special affinity for the region are the basis of our business. You will receive personal attention and experienced guidance during the creation of your customized itinerary to insure that your journey is everything you desire.

Rajesh is a very skilled driver. Navigating the city traffic and urban roads is not a small challenge in India, but Rajesh was great. He never hesitated to drive late at night or pick us up from late night outings.

As an added courtesy, he always opened the car doors for us and kept the car very clean. Also, thank you for booking train travel for us from Rathambhore to Bharatpur. Saving us the long car journey was brilliant!

(Ms. Julie Lerario and Mr. Nathan Judge, London, UK.)

If you are joining one of our group tours (from time to time we come out with special group tours like the PUSHKAR FAIR TOUR), we will make sure there are not more than 10 – 12 people in the group.

You will always receive a detailed itinerary and background information on the areas the group visits. We would also give a PACKING LIST (region and tour specific) and a PREDEPARTURE DOSSIER (Traveling with Compass) to help you in preparing for your tour.
The Indian subcontinent is like no place you have ever been. It is bursting with sights, sounds, smells and pulsating energy. The land is exotic; the people colorful, warm and friendly. The organizational system - complete chaos!
That is why there are companies such as ours.

You will have the assurance that your trip is planned in the most efficient manner and that it is actually do-able (one can't always trust the guide books to be accurate). You will arrive late at night (in most cases) to be received by a friendly face and waiting car. You will also have a contact number in every city and the 24 hour Helpline Number which you may feel free to call throughout your journey should you need assistance of any kind at any time.

Varsha, A Big Thank You for arranging our beautiful holiday in India (Jan 2006). Your patience and understanding in compiling and organising a tailor-made tour is appreciated. Your dedication is highly commendable and we will not hesitate to travel with Compass again.

Thanks to you, we had a superb time and the memories will linger on forever. Our Compliments and best wishes to you and the Compass team.

(Mona, Ruben and Reshania Naidoo - Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa)

Don't let logistical hang-ups ruin your travel experience. Our TOUR MANAGERS are professionals dedicated to serving you. They are licensed by the Government and are well educated. They are on top of every detail of your tour while you are traveling, so that if any changes occur that may affect your travel plans, you are notified immediately and alternate plans are set into motion.

In short, what we offer is an experience of a lifetime. Why take chances when you don't have to?

"Along the way I met several travelers, although I have to say that tourism is VERY slow there. One couple had been there 2 weeks, about the same as us at that point. They were traveling by train and had booked hotels themselves. After several conversations, we were amazed to find how little they had actually done and seen compared with us. Come to find out, their total trip cost was about the same. I really felt sorry for them. They had to pay for rickshaws and/or taxis to get around in various cities, while we had a driver at our beck and call. And in Ranthambhore, where we met, they had literally stayed in the camp for 4 days, venturing out only for the prearranged safaris to the park. They had not had the opportunity to walk around any towns, meet local people or really find out anything about the wonderful culture."


Journey to the exotic cities, quaint villages, and rural outposts in private cars, vans and jeeps with our delightful local guides, fluent in English, German, Spanish and French as well as various Hindi dialects make your tour a memorable one.

"Most of all, I thank you for my smooth transition from the city to city.  There were always tour guide, tour manager, the car with the driver waiting for me and that counted enormously for my peace of mind in a big foreign land."

Let me say at the beginning that all of the Compass Tour people that we met were excellent, punctual and concerned (especially about Ted's oxygen).  Durjay, you must have really "laid down the law".


Don't waste time and lose your cool trying to figure it out once you arrive. India is an incredible destination; but not one that can be navigated easily - even for the most experienced travelers.

"We were not worried about safety at all and in fact when my husband left a carry all bag at one of the hotels and didn't realize it until we had been traveling by road for five hours our tour escort said it was no problem. He quickly got on his cell phone, contacted the hotel and the next morning my husband's bag was at our new hotel room with all contents intact even though it had been unlocked."


Join others with similar interests for one of our special GROUP TOURS. Leaders of our Groups are always experts in the field of focus as well as experienced guides.


Select your own dates and travel within the privacy of your own family and loved ones. COMPASS INDIA INC. will assist you in the advance planning stages to assure that you create and experience the journey that you envision.
Browse our Classical India Tours, Wildlife Tours, Rajasthan Tours, Temple Tours, Architectural Tours, Ladakh Experiences, India – Nepal Tours, Tribal Tours, Backwater Tours or Culinary Tours. Choose from North or South India. These popular itineraries are tried and true. You can participate in these as is, expand on them by adding extensions, or create something entirely new.
We are known to be good listeners.

"In my experience, Compass delivered even more than what was promised.  I had many fascinating and memorable experiences that went way beyond the confines of my itinerary.  I asked for some last-minute itinerary changes that Durjay handled without a glitch.  My advice is, if there is something extra that you learn about that you want to see, ask about it.  I am confident that Durjay and his team will do everything within their power to accommodate any request you make."


We are good with infants and children too.

Thank you for the excellent vacation. Everything went very well and we have no complaints.  The service from the Compass staff and everyone in India including selected hotels was excellent.  We were especially pleased with the Compass representative in Agra and the guide who had a real passion for the sites which was quite contagious.  Our driver was also extremely contentious and we felt very safe at all times with him driving especially with our 5 month old on board.

(Richard Hashim & Laurie Walter, 1062 Via Baja Lafayette, CA 94549, USA)

Durjay Sengupta
Chief Consultant & Business Head

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